The RSL perspective

The RSL Perspective.

Compiled by Dave Miller.

  • After some years of exploring various options to ensure a permanent venue from which to operate to protect the interests of Victor Harbor’s past and future Veterans, the current proposal is by far the most meritorious.
  • By directing the funds at its disposal to this Community entity, we have been able to negotiate a 21+7+7+7 (42 years) lease at a ‘pepper-corn’ rate. It will be written into the Constitution of the Governing body, that even if the RSL Club reduces in number (by natural attrition), to a number where it can no longer form a committee, there WILL be formed at each AGM a ‘committee’ to organize traditional ANZAC Day, and Remembrance Day activities. We believe that this is a great legacy to have achieved for future generations.
  • The main Community shared space will look to all intents and purposes like a normal family orientated area with just a small indication of the two major Clubs…..(Maybe badges on nametags, coasters and ‘stubby holders and a small, but significant display). NO Pokies !!!
  • The footprint of the RSL will comprise 2 main areas.

 Firstly, a lockable room consisting of 4 brick walls, 10m x 10m. The room is adequate to house a significant historical display of Memorabilia. It can be locked when security is required.

This takes care of the 2nd of our Club objectives….’To provide an interactive environment of military heritage that is a record of every conflict in which Australia has been involved.         (ie Education).

We also intend to make available a range of resource material to support the local schools’ curriculum.

Under supervision, the ‘Museum; would be available to members of the local community, and visitors to the town.

The 2nd space will be approx. 80 m2. It will contain 2 8-ball tables. These will be used on competition nights, but also available to the public, providing a means of entertainment and income.

The wall will be substantially glass to enable spectators to watch either football or court games that are in progress.

We may be able to relocate our lounge chairs, tall tables an stools, and perhaps a TV screen to the area, but essentially it will be a ‘shared’ area.

  • The RSL has a keen interest in hosting Re-unions for various ex-military organizations which have a keen interest in such activity. This can be as simple as providing a ‘user-friendly’ meeting place, to catering for events, to offering advice about local attractions and activities

This venue is within easy walking distance of two local caravan parks and a range of hotel/motel accommodation.

This may also be a way that we can tap into latter year Veterans, esp. Afghanistan and Iraq.

  • By assisting the RSL to relocate, Council will be freeing up the premises in Coral St to enable the extension of the Town Hall into an expanded Entertainment and Arts Centre .. an interesting idea.
  • This is an ideal location for a Community development of substance. It is closely surrounded by the Council Chambers, Town Library, VHHS< Recreation Centre, Police Station & Meals on Wheels, etc
  • Both the VHRSL and the VHFC interact with youth to facilitate high moral and ethical standards. The base from which they work may be different, but the two Clubs in this respect are highly compatible.
  • For several years now the RSL has sponsored the ANZAC Day game between Victor Harbor and Encounter Bay Football Clubs, providing trophies and medallions for both football and netball.
  • The Victor Harbor Women’s football team has an RSL badge on its guernsey, and the Encounter Bay team has been invited to do the same when it orders its next batch of guernseys.