New Development


Check out this video of the development taken from a drone and posted on 2/4/18.

New clubroom development


VHRSL owns 2 parcels of land on Flinders Parade Victor Harbor.  These parcels are adjacent to 4 parcels of land also on Flinders Parade owned by RSL SA.

The VHRSL wishes to dispose of their parcels of land, freeing up funds for allocation to a significant development project proposed in conjunction with the Victor Harbor Football Club & Victor Harbor High School – in the approximate location of the football club’s current facilities, adjacent to the Victor Harbor High School.

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  • Alcohol consumption

There will be no variations sought to the existing licence granted to the Victor Harbor Football Club. The responsibility for approving and regulating liquor licences in South Australia rests with a Government Agency.

  • Car parking

The area designated for car parking will be undertaken at the sole discretion of the Council. We are confident that they will consider the wishes of both the Victor Harbor High School and VH RSL and FC, however, we cannot comment on their behalf.

  • Potential Learning Outcomes:

The RSL is keen to continue with a strong support program with respect to Curriculum areas pertaining to military history.

  • Land Involved

The overall land parcel is owned by the City of Victor Harbor. The Council is proposing to enter into an agreement to lease the areas covered by the existing lease to the Victor Harbor Football Club as well as the land that will be occupied by the new clubroom building.

  • Lease

The new lease will make a clearer distinction between ‘common areas’. In particular, there is an area which is separated from the other common area in which the school has a much greater interest regarding student movements. There will also be a portable fence separating the two common areas which will only be dismantled (or opened up) during week-ends.

  • New Clubhouse.

The new clubhouse has extensive new change room facilities for use by both genders. These are in compliance with AFL requirements for female players. The facilities will also be used by netballers and possibly cricketers and tennis players. There will also be a gymnasium and undercover flexible use sporting, training and recreation areas which we hope will also be attractive for Victor Harbor High School use.

 There will be 3 separate groups as lessees i.e.

  • Victor Harbor Football Club Inc. which will continue to operate football and other sporting activities with its own membership base, management structures etc. All catering activities will also continue to be the responsibility of the football club.
  • Victor Harbor Sub-branch of the RSL Inc. will also retain responsibility for its own membership base and management structures. They will also have a designated ‘RSL area’ within the clubrooms to house military memorabilia, billiard tables etc.
  • Victor Harbor RSL and Football Club Inc. sit somewhat between and above the other two Clubs. It has a Board of Management that has equal representation from the two Clubs [including Presidents], an Independent Chairman [nominated by the VHFC] and an Independent Secretary [nominated by the VHRSL] It is this Board that makes the key decisions regarding the Project. It meets regularly and also attends regular formal meetings with the City of Victor Harbor [with Deputy Mayor Hayles included]


  • Commencement of building

The project is nearing the point when construction will commence. The Council is undergoing the final consultation process regarding the new lease arrangements; funding has been secured [subject only to final formalization], construction costing is complete and final plans and specifications are with Council. Target date 1st Dec 2017.

  • Impact of Construction

Construction will impact on common areas to varying degrees and periods. We obviously have responsibilities to the Council and community regarding WH&S implications. We have appointed an experienced project manager and the construction will be managed through South Coast Constructions.

  • In conclusion

We see this Project as being of great value to our community, the High School, the sporting community who utilize the Oval [together with cricket, netball and tennis courts], and of course the Victor Harbor Football Club and Victor Harbor sub-branch of the RSL. We have received strong support [including financial] from the Federal and State Governments, the AFL/SANFL and Department of Veterans Affairs. The elected members of the City of Victor Harbor have provided their unanimous support and the community feedback generally has also been extremely supportive.