Locals who served



The Victor Harbor RSL History Research Team is working on a project to prepare narratives of former local servicemen and women.  In turn, as they’re completed the profiles are added to our website and are searchable alphabetically.

They are listed alphabetically, regardless of which war or conflict or they served in, by surname first, followed by their Christian names, for example:

ADAMS, Colin Fielding (RAAF 39923)

MILLER, David John (Army 4718833)

The online version of the person’s narrative is generally limited to one or two pages and where possible we have included an image of them if this is available. For some servicemen or women we have compiled more detailed narratives. These longer versions are filed in the Sub-branch’s library and are available for viewing by any interested person during our opening hours.

To view a narrative, simply choose the letter of their surname below and then click on the name.

If you have information you would like to add about a family member or someone you know please CONTACT us.

The information is arranged alphabetically by surname.